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Donate a Piano

Thank you for your interest in donating a piano to Keys 4/4 Kids! We are currently accepting pianos in the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, Chicago IL, Kansas City MO, and Belle Plaine MN areas.  We process all of our donations on this page through the Keys 4/4 Kids Web Form for Piano Donations. The web form can be found at the bottom of this page. Once submitted, you will receive a reply via email within 5-10 business days with follow-up questions, donation options, and scheduling possibilities.

5 Pathways for Donated Pianos: 

1) Piano Placement  2) Pianos on Parade 3) Ellen Project 4) Resold 5) Recycled Products

Keys 4/4 Kids in partnership with Mall of America, PIANOS ON PARADE: One local artist's transformation of a donated piano.

Sponsors & Press

We accept each and every piano donation for use in our charitable programs, events, and retail operation. Whichever path your piano takes you can be sure your contribution supports children and the arts. Thank you Ben Folds (@murkanpianist) for your music and support: We will never forget you! Thank you also to Singer-Songwriter and Youtube sensation Jess Godwin (@godwin_anthology) for humorously introducing our #nonprofit #retail enterprise to the world...

* * * Offset Fee * * *


Due to the costs we must incur with moving, inspecting, refurbishing, tuning, and maintaining your piano at our warehouses for an indefinite length of time, we will ask for an offset fee. The offset fee is calculated from the information you provide in the Keys 4/4 Kids Web Form for Piano Donations below. The five factors weighted most heavily in the offset fee calculation are Piano ManufacturerPiano Type, Piano Condition, Location, and Exterior/Interior Stairs. This offset fee is not tax-deductible, however, the generous gift of your piano made with no goods or services promised or provided will be deductible as an in-kind donation. Thank you for your support!

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Keys 4/4 Kids is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. A generous gift of your piano made with no goods or services promised or provided will be deductible as an in-kind donation. An acknowledgement of your donation will be provided to you upon pickup.

Keys 4/4 Kids Web Form for Piano Donations

Piano Donor Information
Please skip if this address is the same as the pick up address below under "Pick Up Details"
Phone *
Alternate Phone, Optional
Alternate Phone, Optional
Instrument Details & History
In most cases, you can find the manufacturer's insignia right above middle C.
In most cases, you can find the serial number by opening the lid of the piano and searching near the top of the cast iron plate OR you may find it engraved on the back of the piano.
The type of piano depends on its size and shape. Please take accurate measurements before selecting below.
Is there a matching bench? *
Are you the original owner? *
Do you give us the permission to share your story with our patrons, partners, and fans? *
Pick up Details
Longer timeframes allow us to plan more efficient routes for our moving crew -- and save a ton on gas!
If applicable, please count the number of steps exactly so our movers will know what to expect. They greatly appreciate it!
Please also count the number of steps exactly here for our movers. Thank you so much!
Pick Up Address *
Pick Up Address
I fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions listed below. *
Please read through our Terms & Conditions below before checking this box and proceeding with submitting your request.

Submitting our web form does not obligate you to donate your piano to Keys 4/4 Kids. You may choose to seek other options for your piano at any time.

Terms & Conditions

1.     When you submit this web form, you can expect someone from Keys 4/4 Kids to contact you within 5-10 days in order to collect additional information and schedule your pick-up.  The length of time it takes Keys 4/4 Kids to pick up your piano depends on the season, our pick-up/delivery schedule, and whether an expedite is necessary.  Please let us know if you have any special needs!

2.     OFF-SET FEE: Due to the costs Keys 4/4 Kids must incur with moving, inspecting, refurbishing, tuning, and maintaining your piano at our warehouses for an indefinite length of time, we ask for an offset fee.  This offset fee is not tax-deductible, however, the generous gift of your piano made with no goods or services promised or provided will be deductible as an in-kind donation.  Thank you for your support!  We try to keep our (and your!) costs low by gathering as much information from you ahead of time.  But, if you give us inaccurate information, that makes the experience more costly for both you and Keys.  Accordingly, we need you to assure the information you provide us is factual and accurate: 

I agree that the pick-up details I provided (number of exterior stairs, number of interior stairs, the pick-up mileage, whether there are any tight turns involved, whether there is a need for “walk around” service) are factual and accurate.  I understand that if I provided untruthful or inaccurate information to Keys 4/4 Kids, I may be charged additional fees for pick-up at the organization’s current rates.  I agree to pay these additional pick-up fees as they are incurred.

3.     WAIVER & ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK: Keys 4/4 Kids is fully insured (don’t worry!), but the activity of moving and handling pianos involves certain risks, including, but not limited to, property damage, serious injury, and/or death.  Sometimes our customers are so generous, they want to help the movers.  Or, sometimes, our customers seemingly give our movers “permission” to take a tighter turn than the movers would ordinarily feel comfortable with, or to drive on their lawn to deliver a piano through a back sliding glass door.  Suddenly, that “permission” becomes an unfortunate accident and the customer is upset.  

Keys 4/4 Kids movers have the discretion to ask you to sign a Release of Liability for Piano Moving in order to proceed with a risky moving situation.  If you refuse to sign the waiver, Keys 4/4 Kids’ movers may refuse to complete the pick-up from your desired location.  Moreover, you understand and agree that piano moving includes activities that may be hazardous to your property and to yourself, including, but not limited to, your walls, lawn, and your person.  Should you choose to participate in the pick-up process, you hereby expressly and specifically assume the risk of injury or harm for the moving activities and release Keys 4/4 Kids from all liability for injury, illness, death, or property damage resulting from the activities involving your interaction with the organization.  You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Keys 4/4 Kids for all claims arising out of your participation in Keys 4/4 Kids’ piano moving activities.