Thank you for your interest in donating a piano to Keys 4/4 Kids. We are currently accepting pianos in the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, Chicago IL, Kansas City MO, and Belle Plaine MN areas.  

You will receive a reply via email within 1-2 business days with either follow-up questions or donation options.

Keys 4/4 Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and your piano donation is tax deductible! You will receive a receipt for this donation when our professional movers pick up your piano. Right now, our board of directors has us on a very tight moving budget. This means, that unless you have a high valued piano (valued over $2,000), we will have to ask for an offset fee of at least $100. The average offset fee we ask for is between $100-300. This fee helps us pay a professional moving company to pick up your piano. We simply cannot afford, nor do we have the room in our warehouses, to pick up all the pianos people are willing to donate to us.

We want you to know we appreciate your generosity in donating your piano. We realize you are sharing with us something that has both sentimental as well as monetary value. We need to balance the supply of these pianos with our limited moving budget, physical space in our warehouses, as well as the demand that exists for these pianos for our programs as well as within the consumer markets. Because we accept all pianos, many come in at different points in their life. For those whose repairs are prohibitively expensive, we extend the lifespan of the piano by using its parts to create works of art. To see what they look like, click here!

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