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We've moved!

As of December 1st we are now located in the Sun Ray Shopping Center (2099 Old Hudson Road, St. Paul)!  

PIANO SALE: 10AM-6PM Monday thru Friday, 10AM-4PM Saturday

P: (651) 698-3280 ext 101 | E:

Grant Dawson, Operations Manager

donate piano to church


1965 W Pershing Rd, 60609

PIANO SALE HOURS: 10AM-5PM Monday thru Saturday

Our store is located inside the gargantuan Clock Tower Industrial Park. Please call us when you have arrived at the address and we will be down shortly to guide you to our showroom in 3A. 

P: (773) 587-6578 |  E:

Leo Brito, Operations Manager

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1420 West 13th Terrace, 3rd Fl, 64102

PIANO SALE: 10AM-6PM Tuesday thru Friday and 10 AM - 4 PM on Saturday

Our store is located in the popular West Bottoms area of Kansas City, MO!

P: (816) 221-1422 ext. 401 |  E:

Catherine Dayton, Operations Manager