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Piano Moving Rates

The prices listed below are not the piano donation offset fees we request before picking up donated pianos. To receive a moving quote for a piano donation, please visit  Donate a Pianoscroll down to and fill out the Keys 4/4 Kids Web Form for Piano Donations.

For the best moving experience possible, please read through


When you schedule your move with us, we will require a deposit to ensure your spot on our truck. This deposit will be equal to ½ the total cost of the move, and it’s refundable to you if you decide to cancel your move (assuming you provide us appropriate notice).

  1. Once your move is scheduled, we will confirm your appointment approximately 48-hours prior to the move. If you don’t get back to us confirming the appointment, your original spot on the truck is subject to being rescheduled.
  2. If you decide you want to cancel or reschedule your move, no problem! But, you must notify Keys 4/4 Kids at least 24-hours prior to the beginning of your appointment. If you give us less than 24-hours’ notice, you understand and agree that Keys 4/4 Kids can charge you a $35 rescheduling fee (if you are rescheduling your move) or retain your deposit (if you are cancelling your move).
  3. Sometimes, despite the best of our abilities, unforeseen circumstances like mover injuries, mechanical truck issues, bad weather, and other safety concerns mean Keys 4/4 Kids can’t proceed with its moving schedule as planned. Unfortunately, when this happens, and it’s rare, we will need to reschedule your move – and, when this occurs, it’s with little to no advanced warning. Please know that Keys 4/4 Kids prioritizes the safety of its movers and your personal property. We will try our best to stay in constant communication with you so everyone’s experience is a good one.
  4. If, at any time during the moving process you need to reach someone, please contact the following:

    a. I need help with scheduling/rescheduling:

    Karl Schmidt
    Telephone: (952) 465 6053 ext. 201

    b. I had a problem with my move, help!:

    Brittany Stiles
    Telephone: (952) 465-6053 ext. 202