Molly was 6 years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Her sister, Ellen, is only two years older and is committed to being by her side. They are constantly thankful for the time they can spend together. The toughest parts of Molly’s treatment process have been when there are visitation restrictions. Ellen and Molly have always been close and these times apart were very tough. 

Ellen loves to share things she has learned, and Molly is a willing audience. When Ellen participated in the mentorship program with Keys 4/4 Kids, it was only natural that she wanted to share her experience with her sister. In June of 2013, she was able to do just that. With the help of Love Your Melon and Keys 4/4 Kids, an event was organized at Children's Hospital of Minneapolis where Molly was being treated. Both of the girls enjoyed sharing techniques and stories with other kids (and adults) who were painting. After the event, Ellen and Molly had such a great time they expressed a desire to share this experience with other children in the hospital.

Ellen’s devotion to her little sister, and the joy that painting a piano brought to the children inspired this remarkable new initiative by Keys 4/4 Kids. The Ellen Project brings primed pianos in tow with paint supplies and plenty of wet naps to children hospitals around the country. Kids who are well enough to get out of their hospital rooms are invited to paint the piano. Once the paint dries and hospital facilities are restored to order, the pianos are wheeled around to individual rooms of kids who might have just came out of surgery or who await their next medical test. Local musicians and international superstars will perform “mini-concerts” at the bedsides of kids and their families. Through the power of music and the arts, the Ellen project delivers doses of hope and inspiration to kids and their families.

"I saw the little sister of one of the families from last week. Their middle daughter is 6 years old with a brain tumor and she is now on hospice at home. As a family they had the BEST time - so many special memories and Keys 4/4 Kids was such an important part of that!!" -Katie, Crescent Cove